Sewing Program

Sewing class currently only available in IkuZo! Meruya branch.

IkuZo Sewing class provides theories that prioritize the quality of pattern making and sewing. Our curriculum emphasizes a pattern manipulation technique that has been developed. With this base pattern, you will learn sewing techniques.

This program provided for students with a minimum age of 14 years old. This curriculum is suitable for beginners who want to learn to create their own clothes, aspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, nor aspiring professional fashion designer.

Our program consists of 4 level :

Program menjahit tingkatan awal dimana murid akan diajarkan untuk membuat pola dan menerapkannya pada karya berupa pakaian jadi. Program ini berdurasi satu tahun dengan pembagian tiga semester. Tiap semester dijalankan selama 4 bulan. Setiap bulannya, diharapkan murid akan menghasilkan satu buah karya.

The pattern that you will learn at this level is:

a. Basic dress and summer dress

b. Skirts

c. Blouse

d. Trousers and culottes

e. T-shirt and man trousers (man)

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