Japanese Language Teacher

Our sensei and principal of IkuZo Japanese Education Center is an alumna from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan. In the university, Fukuda-sensei was required to study another foreign language besides English. Fukuda-sensei chooses to learn Bahasa Indonesia. For him studying languages is an extraordinary experience because you can expand your world through languages. Through his friendship with Indonesian, living in Indonesia, he learns a lot. Based on this experience, Fukuda sensei willing to teach the young generation so they can experience the same thing as he does.

For this sensei who likes Indonesian food, seeing his students succeed in Noryoku Shiken and going to Japan is a proud and great experience.

Even though he is a principal, it does not mean he cannot have fun with us. Fukuda-sensei also likes anime and Manga like Yotsuba&! and Gundam. It could be a fun way to chat with, right? He also likes to read novels about detectives and also he like photography. Lots of his photographs are beautiful and usually use for the articles on our website.

Sensei has always been called Yudo-sensei is one of our Japanese language classes in IkuZo Greenville and Meruya. He loves to interact and share his experiences with others, which made him want to be a teacher before he works at a private company while learning the Japanese language and finally graduating level N2. Why does he choose to teach? Because other than being able to interact with others, he also wants to be helpful by sharing knowledge and life experiences. For him, it would be a delightful experience to help others to reach their dream of studying in Japan, working in Japan, or able to interact with the Japanese.

Yudo sensei was born and lived in a family that loves Japan. For example, his mother has been a student exchange in Japan. So cool, minasan! Therefore since little, he has been familiar with the house filled with things from Japan and willing to learn Japanese. Because of this, he dreams of working in a Japanese company either in Japan or Jakarta. He also loves to read comics, watching anime, listening to Japanese songs. One of his favorite rock bands in Japan is L'Arc'En'Ciel or more familiar to be called Laruku.

So if you want to exchange any experience or even want to know about you can ask directly to our friendly Yudo-sensei.

Sensei yang biasa disapa dengan Ika Sensei ini merupakan anak kedua dari 5 bersaudara. Ika sensei yang merupakan alumni dari YMCA Kyoto dan STKIP Kusuma Negara. Sensei yang memiliki hobi menyanyi dan jalan-jalan ini tenryata pengalaman mengajar bahasa Jepang di SMAN 112, lho minasan!

Alasan Ika sensei menekuni bahasa Jepang dikarenakan Bahasa Jepang memiliki ketertarikan sendiri dari kebudayaan dan etos kerja mereka yang gigih. 

Motivasi dari Ika sensei untuk kalian berlatihlah Bahasa Jepang sesering mungkin dengan cara mendengar percakapan, menonton drama atau berbicara dengan orang Jepang bila ada kesempatan, jangan malu apabila salah. Kalau kita tidak berbicara dan berlatih, kita tidak akan tahu letak kesalahan kita. Wah saran Ika sensei bisa dicoba nih, minasan! ^^

Sensei yang biasa disapa dengan Gilang Sensei ini merupakan anak ketiga dari tiga bersaudara. Gilang sensei merupakan lulusan dengan IPK Cumlaude di Universitas Darma Persada jurusan Sastra Jepang hanya dalam 3,5 tahun, loh. Sensei yang hobi bermain bulutangkis ini ternyata pernah mengajar bahasa Jepang dasar di SMP Labschool, Cibubur dan pernah mengajar orang Jepang bahasa Indonesia di Japanesia. Keren ya, Minasan!

Sejak kecil Gilang sensei sudah sering melihat animasi Jepang di Televisi, dan saat SMP sensei pertama kali melihat anime di luar televisi yang berjudul Clannad, kemudian rasa ingin tahu Gilang sensei tentang Jepang berkembang hingga ingin mempelajari bahasanya, hingga akhirnya sensei melanjutkan kuliah jurusan Sastra Jepang dan sampai saat ini masih terus berusaha mempelajari bahasa Jepang.


Sensei how is known as Arlet-sensei is an alumna in one of a multimedia university in Jakarta. She is currently teaching in IkuZo Greenville, Gading Serpong, and Alam Sutera. Since little, she likes to draw because of her fondness for watching anime and reading comics. One of her favorite anime is Dragon Ball.

Arlet-sensei loves to draw panoramas and handsome boy characters. One of her favorite art tools is watercolor. It gives a different effect that appears transparent and aesthetic. Besides using watercolor, she is also fluent in drawing digitally because of her experience as a comic artist assistant in digital media. The existence of digital drawing helps comic artists or other creators to expand their creativity in this modern era.

Besides drawing and reading comics as her hobbies, Arlet-sensei also a animal lovers and love to do hiking.

Her liking in drawing since high school since knowing Sailor Moon serial and Cantik. Starting from copy drawing comics, anime character fan art until now. Ade-sensei loves to explore lots of drawing styles in making characters. A comic artist who inspires her is Naoko Takeuchi, Ono Eriko, Kim Jung Gi, Kuvshinov Ilya, and Robert Dejesus.

Her liking in drawing since high school since knowing Sailor Moon serial andCantik. Starting from copy drawing comics, anime character fan art until now. Ade-sensei loves to explore lots of drawing styles in making characters. A comic artist who inspires her is Naoko Takeuchi, Ono Eriko, Kim Jung Gi, Kuvshinov Ilya, and Robert Dejesus.

Encouragement words from Ade-sensei for all of you who wants to start making your artwork is, if you feel like it is hard to start with, what you need to do is start working on it until you got the feel and start to enjoy it until you can’t stop drawing. Also, don’t compare your work with others, because every artist has their style and experience. Enjoy the process, minasan!

Sensei who often called Nara sensei is one of our teachers in Manga class at IkuZo Yogyakarta. He has worked as a freelance illustrator for making fan art, designing comic characters, designing a novel book cover, etc. His likeness in watching anime series such as Dragon Ball, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Let’s and Go!, Detective Conan, etc. makes him interested in drawing.

He loves to draw digitally by using different kinds of software such as Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint, Medibang, etc. For Nara sensei drawing digitally is more effective, but you can see his artwork manually and digitally.

His message for us who wants to learn drawing in illustration or manga is to train our mentality by appreciating and understanding our skills. Don’t compare yourself to others and enjoy the process of drawing. Also, practice by using references, this is the foundation in developing your drawing skills.

Sewing teacher


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