IkuZo is partnering with a few institutions, which is:

Language School

HUMAN Academy

HUMAN Academy

Human Academy College is a prestigious school that offers a forward education system that partners with industries, governments, and academics. With a strong collaboration with the industries. HUMAN Academy offers various program for a practical experience such as corporate company project (Corporate Challenges). intern in a professional company, long term intern, etc. https://hajl.athuman.com/e/


Kyoshin Language Academy

Kyoshin Language Academy is one of IkuZo partner in language school.
Kyoshin language Academy is a Japanese language school which developed from Kyoshin Co., Ltd, which focusing in mastering the Japanese language and EJU ( Examination for Japanese University ) preparation.


Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou

Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou

Founded in 1985, Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou or OBKG (previously Osaka International Language School) has a 28-year history of helping students from all over the world reach their goals. We believe in an all-encompassing education and guide our students academically and otherwise to reach their goals, and continue to attend university at the Undergraduate level, Graduate level, or vocational school. Up until now, we have had more than 2,000 students graduate from our school. https://en.japanese.ac.jp/

Manabi Japanese Language Institute

Manabi Japanese Language Institute

Manabi is a Japanese language school that is located in cities such as Nagano and Tokyo in Japan. Manabi established in 2004. https://www.manabi.co.jp/en/

Fukuoka Foreign Language College

FFLC (Fukuoka Foreign Language College)

FFLC is a vocational school that specializes in foreign-language and international education that located in the middle of Fukuoka city. This school has a short term program and intensive program for those who wants to mastering in the Japanese language. https://www.fflc.ac.jp/en/

Tokyo World  Language Academy

Tokyo World Language Academy

Tokyo World Language Academy is an educational institution that helps international student in advancing their Japanese language skill and living in Japan. We also helps international student from Europe and America, and Asia in achieving their dreams to go international. https://twla.jp/en/

Tokyo Japanese  Language Center

Tokyo Japanese Language Center

Tokyo Japanese Language Center is a Japanese language school established in1962. TJLC is entrusted by many international company and university for their Japanese language training for workers and students. http://www.tjlc.jp/

HUMAN Academy

Japan International Language Academy

JILA ( Japan International Language Academy ) is one of many Japanese language school.

It has 3 branches which is Hakodate, Kyoto, and Fukuoka. It has lots of student from many countries.


HUMAN Academy

Unitas Language School

UNITAS language school is part of Teikyo University Group which located in 2 place which is Tokyo and Kofu.


HUMAN Academy

Interculture Language Academy

Based in Kobe, Inter culture Language Academy is a Japanese language school that has many students from Asia countries.

ILA also has another subject such as Japanese culture and also classes to helps you preparing for job hunting in Japan.


HUMAN Academy

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute or Shinjuku Nihongo Gakko (SNG) is a Japanese language school that has more than 40 years history.

Implementing a visual learning Japanese teaching that helps student studying more efficiently that can be done anywhere.


HUMAN Academy

Nihongo Center

Nihongo Center is a Japanese language school is located in the heart of Kyoto city. With experience in more than 39 years of teaching Japanese language, with a unique method of studying skill and an experienced instructors.

Nihongo Center ensure a high rate of graduating for JLPT in any level. We also helps nourishing and developing students in the ability to expressing them self and communicating through projects, class discussion, etc.


HUMAN Academy

ARC Academy

ARC Academy is a Japanese language school established in 1986. The school’s name, ARC, means “bridge to the world”. We do our best to support our students in their post-graduation paths: our dream is to form people, through Japanese language education, who can one day become “connecting bridges” around the world and contribute to society.


HUMAN Academy


Kansai College of Business and Languages (Kansai College) was established in 1967 as a business vocational school. In 1989, Kansai College established the Dept. of Japanese Studies focusing on international students and Japanese returnees while at current we boast approximately 400 students studying Japanese at Kansai College from all over the world.


HUMAN Academy

AID International Academy

AID International Academy based in Chiba city that is one of the richest city in Japan. Thus affected by many business and industry area in Chiba. Many national and international trades is done in this harbor city.

In this school students will also get a wide knowledge on how to prepare for their future and carrier, also visiting numerous interesting tourist attraction.


HUMAN Academy

Kaichi International Japanese School

Kaichi International School of Japanese was established in April 2018. We aim to develop students' ability to look at Japanese culture from a Japanese perspective, while respecting their own culture at the same time. We also support students in acquiring enough Japanese language to enter university or college. Our faculty members take great care and effort in the support of each student’s sincere endeavors to enhance their innate qualities and skills so that they can make their dreams and wishes come true.


HUMAN Academy


JET Academy was established in 1988 as an educational institution (学校法人) chartered by the Governor of Tokyo. Since its foundation, the main purpose of the school has been to supervise students who wish to enter universities in Japan. The effort has borne fruit---in plenty. You are able to effectively achieve learning outcome during a short period of time since all courses consist of full-time curricula. Recently, we have been making efforts also on job guidance in Japan.


HUMAN Academy


Established in 2008, our school has accepted many students from various countries and played a central roll in Japanese language education in Gifu. Our mission is not only to teach Japanese language but also to develop students' global talent to contribute to Japanese society. We all work together to provide students many opportunities for improving their Japanese language skills and growing as a person.



Edo Cultural Center

Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School was founded in 1984. Since then, there has been 10,000 students from more than 70 country that has completed their study in this school. Edo Cultural Center not only teach Japanese language but also helps in student exchange.


HUMAN Academy


ICA, INTERNATIONAL CONVERSATION ACADEMY, began it's long history as an English language school in 1955. In 1963, a Japanese Language Department was established at the school which continues to provide international students with the best learning environment allowing them to study the language from basic conversation to advanced Japanese, and providing assistance and preparation for higher educational institutions, such as university, junior college, and vocational school.


Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


Merric Jaoanese Language school established in 1989 that is located about 10 minutes of walking from the subway in Kintetsu Nihonbashi, Namba station.


Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


Kyoritsu Japanese Language Academy is located in Tokyo, we strive in a unique way to offer our students clear benefits in response to the hopes and desires of a student base that originates from all over the world. http://en.kyoritsu.ac.jp//

Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


At Earth College of Foreign Languages, students learn Japanese to understand the differences in culture, customs, and spiritual climate between their home country and Japan. https://earth-gaigo.com/en/

Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


Osaka Japanese Language Academy is located in Hiranoku, Osaka city, it is between small and medium companies. In hope of creating a language school as a center for recruiting talents from other countries to help students gain knowledge in an advance technology to reach globalization in the future. https://oja.jp//

Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


We provide best quality of education service to students who sincerely want to learn Japanese for their language ability improvement. We also provide the counseling service for who wants to go to higher education. We assure that students have proper education environment to achieve high quality of academic and practical Japanese level. https://www.tsschool.co.jp//

Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


Established in 1985, we have educated more than 20,000 graduates from over 80 countries. Akamonkai was established in 1985 near "Akamon" of the University of Tokyo. We are an accredited incorporated educational institution since 2005. To date, we have educated more than 20,000 graduates from over 80 countries. After graduation, our students play an active role around the world, including Japan and their home countries. Currently, around 1,800 students from various countries are enrolled in Akamonkai.

Pada April 2019, kewarganegaraan pelajar terdiri dari 29% Cina, 21% Vietnam, 20% Korea Selatan, 15% Barat, 10% Taiwan & Hongkong, 5% dari negara lain.


Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


At Meros, well-educated and experienced teachers lead the students under the various curriculums depending on their needs like preparation for higher education institutions(including famous Art Univ.), daily conversation, Japanese cultures, business Japanese , and so on.


Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


Our professional school training mission is to nurture human resources to become an interesting and a qualify human being. BY giving education that reads people movement with a perspective that looks into the future.

Aso College Group provides education to helps students reach their maximum potentials. By offering teachers that is enthusiastic, a high class education environment, and collaboration with companies all over the world.


Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


Aiwa Language Institute is a Japanese language school established in Fukuoka with the educational philosophy that students can learn foreign languages easily and efficiently in recognition of international mutual understanding.

In the class, students are taught not only by language acquisition, but also by education that emphasizes the operational aspect and promotes the further development of each individual.


Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


International Culture Institute is located in the southern part of Fukuyama-city in Hiroshima Prefecture, and is surrounded by abundant nature including mountains and the sea. The area around the school is extremely quiet, making it the perfect environment for studying.


Japanese Communication International Scool


Our school gives individual guidance and talks depending on students’ scholastic ability to enrich the lectures on preparing examination for students who are aimed at entering university in Japan. Apart from Japanese language, we also provide nursing care course, seminar about business Japanese and business manner which are necessary for working in Japanese company.


Tokyo Japanese  Language Center


Currently ISI has 3 schools in Tokyo (Takadanobaba, Ikebukuro and Harajuku) and one in Kyoto. Every year ISI welcomes more than 2,000 foreign students from all over the world, providing them with the best environment to study Japanese language and its culture.


Japanese Communication International Scool


SJLC of Fukuoka University offers course in learning Japanese language and culture so students equip well before entering college or university.


Hitachi Language School


Our institute has indeed the best teachers. More than 60 instructors, well-experienced and qualified in teaching and also many other fields of society are holding every day great classes. They teach with very much passion and hold enjoyable classes.


Hitachi Language School


Hitachi Language School not only supplies knowledge (Japanese language education), but also strengthens the moral education and builds up student’s living skills.

For students, Japanese language school is the first step of long studying-abroad life. In this very precious moment, we bring up our students to master Japanese language, to learn about manner in Japanese life, which can be applied not only in Japan but in an international world.


Japanese Communication International Scool


SAGAMI International Academy provides Japanese language education to foreign students as well as mutual understanding of different cultures, seeks to improve communication skills and deepen understanding of others, and thus aims to contribute to the creation of an upcoming multi-cultural symbiotic society and the development of its local society.



Osaka Japanese Language Education is Japanese language school that is partnering with JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization), that prepares students for their career in a prestigious school in Japan.



Our school was founded in 1987 as a school affiliated with Tokyo International University. Since the founding of Tokyo International University, TIU has made agreements for international exchange with 29 universities in 20 countries as sister schools, overseas study program schools, and overseas seminar schools, all based on curriculums matching the international era. Currently, TIU still continues to implement an international education.



Tamagawa International Language School established in 1989 by Japanese Language Education Promotion Association Accredited School. This school helps international students who wants to enter an international university in Japan depending on their level. We also provides a chance for new students to know Japanese culture better by holding a student tour.


Japanese Communication International Scool


Nagoya Management and Accounting College Japanese Course was established in 2010 by Educational institutions of OZU Scholarship Foundation. Our institute is a Japanese language school which actively engaged in providing international students who want to enter national, public or private universities and various vocational colleges in Japan with prerequisite education, supplementary lessons of necessary basic subjects for university admission, and guidance of applying for graduate school, university, and vocational college.



TOEI Institute of Japanese Language have experienced teachers in Japanese language teaching who provide excellent lessons as well as knowledgeable staffs in the field of international students. We have been helping students who have traveled for the first time to study in Japan as well. We are sure of ourselves to provide great education and services for our new students. Our Japanese lessons are classified into levels. We provided level check tests every three months, so you’ll be able to learn Japanese in an appropriate level. We also put emphasis on speaking, so our language textbooks are all selected or created based on communication that brings in more motivations.


Japanese Communication International Scool


GAG Japanese Language Institute is based in Fukuoka City. This institution aims in helping students to reach a high score in EJU which is a test for international students for entering university in Japan at JLPT level N1/N2. This institution teaches student based on their level, also provide references to help student in preparing their university such as counseling to help student preparing them self in job interview and giving job recommendation to ease their life in Japan.


Japanese Communication International Scool

College of Business and Communication (CBC)

College of Business and Communication (CBC) have been at the forefront of Japanese-language education in Kanagawa prefecture. CBC have taken a leading role, especially in teaching techniques that improve expression, such as in regards to language construction, pronunciation and proper placement of accents. Many graduates who honed their Japanese abilities at CBC play active roles in a variety of fields.


Japanese Communication International Scool

Hiroshima YMAC (CBC)

Founded in 1938, Hiroshima YMCA has a long history of offering quality educational programs and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. The Language and Communication Department offers three Japanese Courses of varying lengths where students are grouped with learners of similar ability and can pursue their Japanese studies at an appropriate level.


Japanese Communication International Scool

SCG Japanese Language School

SCG Japanese Language School is part of Seiki Community Group (SCG) founded in 1962. It is one of the most prestigious education company in Japan with a history of 59 years, with 135 room class, 20,000 students and a total of 2,000 employees.


Japanese Communication International Scool

Nagano International Culture College

Nagano International Culture College is located here in Suwa, and established in 1988. We have sent many of our talented graduates to higher education institutions including universities and vocational schools, and for that, we have received high reputation from those institutions.


Japanese Communication International Scool

Matsumoto International Japanese Language School (MIJS)

Studying in Japan is the first step for international students to make their dreams come true. Supporting the students who have big dreams to globally succeed in the society is our teacher's wish. We believe that MIJS's mission is to give accurate and proper guidance to all students, and to cultivate human resources who can do their parts in the international society.


Japanese Communication International Scool

Sophia International Academy

Sophia International Academy is a unique, new type of Japanese school which a team of licensed Japanese teachers established, and controls both management and education programs so that it can provide the education optimized to students’ needs. S.I.A. aims to provide Japanese lessons optimized to students respective goals, and nurture the friendship with students beyond the national borders as their life time mates.


Japanese Communication International Scool

Kyorin International Language Academy

Kyorin I.L.A is established and managed by licenced japanese laungage teachers. Kyorin I. L. A. is a unique, new type of Japanese school which a team of licensed Japanese teachers established, and controls both management and education programs so that it can provide the education optimized to students’ needs. Kyorin aims to provide Japanese lessons optimized to students respective goals, and nurture the friendship with students beyond the national borders as their life time mates.


Japanese Communication International Scool

Daiki Japanese Language School Tokyo

Daiki adalah Sekolah  bahasa Jepang baru yang dapat memandu siswa Internasional menuju "Pekerjaan". Di tengah gencarnya gelombang globalisasi, perusahaan-perusahaan Jepang kini mencari "sumber daya manusia global" yang unggul, dengan kurikulum pendidikan yang seimbang, Daiki Japanese Language School akan membuat jalan pintas ke pendidikan tinggi dan pekerjaan yang Anda inginkan.



Ritsumeikan APU

Ritsumeikan APU (Asia Pacific University)

APU is a international university that located in Beppu, Japan, This university offers a high education in bachelor, master degree, and doctorate in any subject that is related with Asia Pacific. APU has an office branch in Jakarta which is C/O MARQUEE MAYAPADA TOWER 1 11th Floor. Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 28

Telp:  (021) 52897328


Lippo Mall Puri

Eikei University of Hiroshima

Eikei University is a university that prioritized a social and environment system. With the aims to develop human resources by enhancing interdisciplinary skills and knowledge to overlook societies, identify problems, find solutions collaborating with others, and create new values, and contribute locally and globally.


Lippo Mall Puri

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS)

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) adalah universitas swasta yang memiliki kampus di Uzumasa dan Kameoka, Kyoto. Kami memiliki 5 fakultas, yaitu Fakultas Ekonomi dan Administrasi Bisnis, Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Fakultas Bio-Lingkungan, Fakultas Kesehatan dan Ilmu Kedokteran, dan Fakultas Teknik yang baru didirikan. Bertujuan untuk menumbuhkembangkan tenaga profesional bertaraf internasional yang dapat berperan aktif di dunia.


Ritsumeikan APU

Prefectural University of Hiroshima

Prefectural University of Hiroshima is a public university in Hiroshima Prefecture that has 3 campus building and 4 faculty. Known for the best public university in Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu. Committed to prioritize the best education with the best quality in researches and trainings.


Ritsumeikan APU

Kansai University

Kansai University is one of the most prestigious university in the west side of Japan.

At first, Kansai University is a law school. But now, Kansai University has 13 faculties and 16 programs for bachelor degree.


Hatarako Indonesia

Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University is university that located in Hiroshima that specialized in design and technic faculty.
Hiroshima University is now one of the top university in Japan.


Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Established in 1947, Kyoto University of Foreign Language is a private university that provides a multicultural learning system. This helps international students to study easier in Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.


Lippo Mall Puri

Digital Hollywood University

Digital Hollywood University is a university that has major in design, animation, and game programming at Tokyo and Osaka.

Digital Hollywood University has many teachers that is competent in their fields. DHU holds a few classes with many guest lecturer or practitioners in their field, as an example CEO of Square Enix.


Shizuoka University

Shizuoka University offers an Asia Bridge Program (APB) that is a collaboration program of industry-academic that is unique for students from India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Lippo Mall Puri

Ritsumeikan University

Established in 1869, Ritsumeikan University now has 3 main branch in Kyoto, Osaka, and Shiga. This university offers an English program for a few major.


International College of Liberal Arts

Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, this university has majors in business & economy, political studies, and Japan studies.


Takushoku University (Program kursus bahasa Jepang-Bekka)

Program kursus bahasa Jepang-Bekka adalah lembaga pendidikan bahasa Jepang yang mengajarkan bahasa Jepang, tentang kejepangan, budaya Jepang, dll. bagi siswa internasional yang ingin melanjutkan ke universitas dan sekolah pascasarjana di Jepang. Kami menyediakan kursus satu tahun untuk masing-masing "Penerimaan siswa baru di Musim Semi (April)" dan "Penerimaan siswa baru di Musim Gugur (September)", dan menyediakan kesempatan untuk memperpanjang masa studi lebih lanjut disesuaikan dengan rencana akademik dan karirnya, dll. Kelas diadakan di Pusat Pendidikan Internasional yang bersejarah dan lingkungan belajar untuk siswa internasional dengan fasilitas lengkap, seperti ruang kelas yang dilengkapi dengan peralatan pengajaran, ruang kelas komputer, dan ruang praktek komputer.


Fukuyama University

Fukuyama University has various major such as economy, culture, engineering, life science & biotechnology, and pharmacy.


Onomichi City University

Located in Hiroshima, this university offers majors in economy, Japanese literature, and art & design.


University of Tokyo (Global Science Course)

Accepting 3rd year transferred student to Global Science Course program. The major that available is Department of Chemistry which divided into 4 division; Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.




Japan Engineering College

It has 3 faculty which is the Japanese language and international, Automotive, and Construction Engineering.


Tsuji Culinary Institute

This vocational school is for those who are interested in becoming chef or into patisserie.


Mejiro Fashion & Art College

Providing a few major in Apparel Industry, Fashion Beauty, Fashion Advisor, and others for fashion enthusiast.


Digital Hollywood Online - 3D CG Creators

Kursus Pencipta 3DCG Maya adalah kursus untuk membentuk "suatu hari nanti" Anda . Dalam kursus ini, Anda akan dapat mempelajari pada tingkat praktis cara menggunakan perangkat lunak 3DCG kelas atas "Maya" untuk penggunaan profesional, yang sering digunakan di luar negeri, serta situs dan game produksi film yang sebenarnya.


Kagoshima Career Design College

Kagoshima Career Design College menggabungkan kolaborasi industri-akademisi untuk meningkatkan keterampilan siswa. Sekolah menyediakan pendidikan kejuruan praktis di semua departemen dan memiliki lingkungan pelatihan yang sedekat mungkin dengan lingkungan profesional untuk mengembangkan keterampilan sebagai tenaga yang siap pakai.


Adachi Education Group

Adachi Education Group mendirikan 17 sekolah teknik di Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, dan Kyushu, dan 1 sekolah bahasa Jepang. Dari jumlah tersebut, 5 sekolah di Tokyo memiliki siswa terbanyak, dengan sekitar 500 siswa internasional. Siswa bisa mempelajari keterampilan baru untuk bekerja di Jepang atau negara asal, atau melanjutkan ke universitas, dan menawarkan sistem dukungan untuk pekerjaan pasca-kelulusan dan pendidikan berkelanjutan, sehingga siswa dapat belajar dengan tenang.


Osaka Animation College

This college masters in animation and comics. At this college, students will learn anime production, story making, character design, etc.


Sakura Sogo College

Sakura Sogo College dibuka pada tahun 1997 dan telah menghasilkan banyak lulusan dari Jurusan Teknik Klinis dan Jurusan Kedokteran Gawat Darurat.