Manga class is available in any IkuZo branches.

IkuZo Manga program divided into four programs: coloring for kids, drawing for kids, professional manga class, and digital manga class. This class divided depends on the ability of each student to absorb each material.


Coloring for Kids

For 4-6 years old.

This program aims to train hands motorists system for children to produce synergies between their eyes and hand coordination using coloring activities as the practice foundation.

In creating a great drawing, skilled and flexible hands are necessary. Practicing in coloring is a great start for children who are still learning how to hold a pencil adequately. Learning with colors stimulates their growth in their interest in drawing and recognizing the beauty of colors.

This program is available in 6 levels of difficulty, using pencil color and crayon as their media of color.

Drawing for Kids

For 6-13 years old.

It consists of 2 curricula which is Shokyuu (beginner) and Chukyuu (intermediate) ;

This program aims to practice the base skill of drawing is copy drawing skill (the ability to copy an art) also a storytelling ability (the ability to tell a story). This program aims to build confidence and their bravery to create a story through drawing. Materials in this level are emphasizing in their ability. On drawing a character, that has expression, body language, or movement that pictures their daily life. By using available references, they will need to compose their drawings into a story according to themes.

    For 13 years old and above.

    Manga Profesional

    This program aims to give complete knowledge on how to communicate as a mangaka (professional comic artist). This level emphasizes the process of the professional way of making comics. Students will learn how to creates Manga by using; concepts, composing a plot, creating characters, inkingshading, and other effects, how to use screen-tone. Until creating your own manga.

    This program consists of 5 levels.

    1. Manga Introduction
      The short process of creating Manga, from the process of creating a story until the finish product. Students will be able to produce one to two pages of their Manga works.
    2. Kouka (Special Effect)
      At this level, you will learn the details of the inking process in a comic. This material includes tools such as G-Pen and Maru-Pen, black and white ink, etc.
    3. Male Anatomy
      The ability to draw male anatomy consists of a complete body structure, muscles, body pose of a man.
    4. Female Anatomy
      Mastering the concept of female body structure and their poses also understanding the differences between male and female anatomy.
    5. Manga Professional
      It is time for you to learn to create your Manga. In this lesson, you will learn how to make a character that produces strong characteristics. The final work would be a Manga that has a minimum of 8 pages or more.

    Digital Manga Class

    For 13 years old and above.

    This program aims for students who want to create a digital form of their arts in a digital form using software programs and digital art applications. This class aims for students to have the basic skill of drawing manga or passed the test that has been given. This applied to all of the students who register for this class.

    This program consists of 5 levels:

    1. Digital Color
      At this level, students will learn to color their work digitally.
    2. Digital Illustration
      At this level, you will learn to create your illustration digitally. Students will learn the tips and how to master the technic of drawing Manga with more details to create professional artwork. The artwork can be a cover, background, character, or an illustration for their next Manga project.
    3. Digital Manga Basic
      At this level you will learn the basic steps of creating the main character in a story that will be developed, creating manga digitally in making a short comic or yonkama.
    4. Digital Manga Intermediate
      Students will be directed on how to create ideas, develop stories, uses effects, etc. At this level, you will create a manga project that will be the first step of becoming a professional artist.
    5. Digital Manga Advance
      At this level, you will learn how to make the concept of Manga into work. We emphasize student ability to use effects and other tools to create a complete Manga with cover, background, character, etc.

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