Japanese Language Class

- 日本語クラス -

The class only available in IkuZo Meruya, Greenville, Permata Hijau, Gading Serpong, Alam Sutera, and Yogyakarta.
日本語クラスはMeruya教室、Greenville教室、Permata Hijau教室、Gading Serpong教室、Alam Sutera教室、Yogyakarta教室で受講いただけます。

Japanese language program in IkuZo is open for any age range by minimum age of 6 years old. IkuZo also has programs for professional and preparation class for those who are going to take JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

Japanese For Kids - キッズコース

The class introduces the Japanese language also a disciplinary culture that is the identity of Japanese people. Include activities that enhance their creativity; as drawing, group discussion, karaoke, games, and other interactive activities. The class consist of:

  1. Nenshou (年少) - 6-8 years old (歳)
  2. Nenchou (年長) - 9-12 years old (歳)

Regular Japanese - 標準コース

The class is for students with a minimum age of 13 years old (Junior High School). It consists of Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.

The class consist of four levels : / 4つのレベルがございます:

For students who are a beginner in this class, you can enhance your skill in daily conversation. You will be taking the JLPT test to test your skill.

Conversation - 会話コース

The class will be learning the Japanese language conversation using Latin letters. With the minimum age of 13 years old (Junior High School).

The class consists of 2 levels : / 2つのレベルがございます  :

  1. Shokyuu (初級)/Basic - 1 year (年)
  2. Chuukyuu (中級) /Intermediate - 1 year (年)

In-House Training Program

For fulfilling the needs in mastering the Japanese language for professional; staff, workers. IkuZo has Japanese In-House Training. The program is made for office workers to enhance and develop their skills in the Japanese language. For more information, click here..

JLPT Preparation Class - 日本語能力試験対策クラス

For fulfilling the needs of IkuZo students and the public. We have provided a preparation class for those who will take the JLPT test. By following the test, then every student will be tested according to the Japan international standards. Each student that has graduated will be certified according to the test level they took. For more information,  click here..

Home Learning Class - 在宅学習クラス

Home Learning Japanese classes are available online from your home. With the IkuZo home learning the learning process will still be interesting and fun even though you’re studying from home. For more information, click here..

Build your foundation in the Japanese language now!

日本語学習を始めるチャンスは今! お問い合わせください。