IkuZo counters are ready to help you with information related to class schedule, fee, and others that related to Japanese language, Manga drawing, and Sewing class. Ikuzo currently offers 1X FREE CLASS for those of you who would like to experience our fun learning system. Here are our IkuZo counters ^^
After this you can contact the nearest counters for more information about our free class, class schedule, etc.

Desta-san is one of our admin counter at IkuZo Meruya. Desta-san hobbies are cooking and making her own meals, other than that she also likes to read novels in between her busy schedule.

Desta-san motto is "Good things will come when we are grateful".

IkuZo Meruya
No WA : +62 822-5839-9998
E-mail : meruya@goikuzo.com

Novi-san is one of our admin in IkuZo Greenville that has hobbies in snacking and watching movies. Novi-san is a friendly person with people around her. "Do all your work with love", is her life motto.

IkuZo Greenville
No WA: +62 877-8978-9550
E-mail: greenville@goikuzo.com

Dian-san has hobbies in travelling and novel reading, she also likes to sing...

For Dian-san "Nothing is impossible as long as we are sure. Intended well, endeavored, perfected by prayer and followed by tawakal".

IkuZo Gading Serpong
No WA: +62 813-2065-4877
E-mail: gadingserpong@goikuzo.com

In IkuZo Alam Sutera you will meet Maudy-san who loves to spend her time in jogging, she usually does this 2-3 times a week. Her life motto is "health is an important investment to keep on maximizing our self". Let's start living healthy now.

IkuZo Alam Sutera
No WA: +62 822-1199-0721
E-mail: alamsutera@goikuzo.com

Kak Ocha adalah salah satu admin counter IkuZo yang berada di Cibubur.  Selain hobinya menggambar, ternyata kak Ocha juga suka bermain musik khususnya piano dan ternyata bisa main golf. Keren banget ya…

For Ocha-san, "Do our best" is her life motto.

IkuZo Kota Wisata CIbubur
No WA: +62 815-1712-1633