Company Profile

IkuZo Japanese Education Center is a Japanese language and Manga drawing learning center, best suited for those interested in enriching their understanding of Japanese culture, etiquette, and work ethics.

The word IkuZo comes from the Japanese language that means “let’s go!”. This means our institution is willing to motivate students to think and act ahead. Supported by our teachers who are communicative and professional with Japanese graduation standards, all of our team are willing to prepare the young generation to be able to think critically. That later can be a dependable individual in planning a better future.

Since 2006, IkuZo Japanese Education has trained and develop each kid, teenager, and adult's talents in the Japanese language and drawing Manga. Almost most of our students have passed their Japanese proficiency language test (Nouryoku Shiken level N5, N4, N3 until N2) which is an international standard test. Also, our manga student who succeeds in winning a various competition.

Our Vision:

Kehidupan bahagia melalui pendidikan (Happy Life through Education)

Our Mission

Values from Japanese culture:

  • Becoming a professional team that is strong in distributing the concept of education to maximize personal developments in each individual to reach their purpose and happiness in life.

  • Using an edutainment (education & entertainment) programs to facilitate learning progress.

  • Fulfilling and directing the student needs in Japanese language-culture education and developing their art/creativity skills.

  • Producing individuals with both productive (active) and receptive (passive) Japanese language skills; and innovative artwork (Manga).


IkuZo! Advantages

IkuZo Japanese Education Center is a top-notch educational institution with preeminence as follows:


PT. IkuZo Indonesia is opening recruitment for full-time in a few positions.