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The Japanese Language

Japanese language program in IkuZo is open for any age range by minimum age from 6 years old. IkuZo also has classes for professionals and preparation class for those who are going to take JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

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IkuZo Manga program divided into four programs: coloring for kids, drawing for kids, professional manga class, and digital Digital Manga class. These programs are divided depends on the capability of each student in absorbing the lesson.

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Program 3DCG Creator Course Maya ini merupakan program belajar software Maya, langsung dari Digital Hollywood Online di Tokyo, Jepang.

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Articles about tips and tricks in drawing, learning the Japanese language, Japanese culture also about what is trending in Japan, all of them are here!

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The importance of the Japanese Language

Governments, companies, and educational institutions in Japan have expanded the opportunity for international students to study also having an internship in Japan. Lots of scholarships are offered for international students to prove the effort of Japan in pursuing international students to their country.

The most known scholarship from the government is “Monbukagakusho”, this scholarship includes school fees and living costs while in Japan. Other than that, some companies offer scholarships such as Panasonic has a program to enhance your study in electromechanical engineering; Inpex Foundation scholarship for those who are interested in a master's degree in natural science, engineering, and technology. Japanese private universities such as Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) also offer scholarships for school fees around 30%-100% according to student achievements.

For you who want to enhance and maximize these opportunities. IkuZo Japanese Education Center is willing to fulfill all your needs in Japanese language education that is communicative to compete at a global scale.

IkuZo! Advantages

  • Learning Environment

    IkuZo is designed by a team of professionals to provide a better education service by using the Japanese culture and Japanese learning system to teach students in learning in the same environment as in Japan.

  • Student Activities

    Aside from providing formal Japanese language education, IkuZo occasionally organize events that introduce Japanese culture as such: Gakuensai (cultural festival), study tour (visiting Japanese cultural and community spots), and workshop (Japanese culture). All the activities above intend so students can both learn and appreciate Japanese treasure values simultaneously.

  • Curriculum

    Combination of formal education in Japanese language and manga learning system that is educative, communicative, interactive, and creative. Through event and media communication in the process of learning. IkuZo is always willing to develop our skills in using the learning media according to the students’ needs.

  • Teachers

    Our Japanese language teaching team are Japanese standardize graduates that have received training from Japanese native speaker. Our manga teaching team has a strong dedication and works to be proud of.

  • Tuition Fee

    Our tuition fee includes books, tests, and other media for learning.

IkuZo! Experience

How’s the learning experience and students' story in IkuZo?

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